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How to run your own Cookbook Club

If you decide to run your own cookbook club I would really love to hear what you did and even see photos if you take any (At our first meeting we dug into the food so eagerly I forgot to take any photos). I would also most welcome you to submit posts to this website. Happy cooking!


A group of friends equally enthused about cooking and eating
A place to meet (Usually your home)


Choose a date to have your cookbook club.

A few weeks before  the event, send out an email to your friends letting them know what cookbook has been chosen. Give them a list of the recipes in the cookbook to choose from and also let them know when and where it will be held. If this is your first cookbook club or you have any new members do let them know how the club works.

Ask your friends to let you know which recipe they would like to prepare so you can send them a copy of the recipe. It is recommended to send everyone their recipes at least a week before the event.

As host you may want to choose your recipe last so that you can make sure there is a good balance of dishes (ie. not too much meat or dessert).

Then all that is left is for you to cook your dish for the day, eat and enjoy!

It should not be necessary to cook more than the recipe asks no matter how many people, as there is always more than enough food. However if I know some of the dishes are quite small, I might prepare another side or entree from the book. Sometimes it’s just because I can’t decide on one dish but leftovers always get eaten at the next meal.

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