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Cookbook Club Sydney – #1 Cook in Boots

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Cookbook: Cook In Boots – Ravinder Bhogal

Since my good friend Issy had flown up to Brisbane from Sydney for the Spirit House cookbook club it was only fitting that when I flew down to visit her she would host the very first Sydney cookbook club.

Cook in Boots is a book I gave to Issy as a gift (one which I almost kept for myself) so I was really glad to be able to try out some of the recipes.

Here’s what we made and ate.

A feast!

Mozzarella and basil stuffed meatballs in tomato and chianti sauce – This is the dish I prepared. Sadly I couldn’t find buffalo mozzarella so substituted for the normal kind so it seemed to lack the oozy cheesy middle.  They were a big hit though and we made some pasta to go with it.

leek, potato and bacon soup – Jed thought he had stuffed up the soup but it was so full of flavour, I loved it.

cauliflower and brocolli cheese with tomato sauce and parmesan breadcrumbs – hubby made this one, we both love cheesey cauliflower.  And parmesan breadcrumbs? Ingenious!

butterflied leg of lamb with a spicy yohgurt and herb crust – beautiful flavours but this huge piece of meat was too much for our little group to finish.

chocolate ice cream pie – such a great way to finish the meal… If I didn’t have to carry it to the airport and on a flight back to Brisbane, I would have taken left overs home with me.

This is what happens when you put bamboo plates into the dishwasher. Oops!

Ok this wasn’t from a recipe in Cook in Boots, but Bec made these amazing afghan cookies and I have been pestering her for the recipe. :) But maybe it’s a good thing she hasn’t given it to me yet… cookies!!!