Cookbook Club came about when I realised I had a bookcase full of cookbooks that I was not using enough. Some of the books had barely been used if at all. Because I have an addiction to cookbooks and I need to justify future purchases I decided this would be a great way to get through them.

I love entertaining and love an excuse to have people over to eat, especially one where I don’t even have to cook all the food!

So each 4 to 6 weeks I choose a cookbook and invite friends to pick a recipe to prepare and bring to our cookbook club meeting where we share each others food and generally just have a good time.

It’s lots of fun and I encourage others to try it out with their friends. @DrLing has started one in Sydney and I was able to go to their first one.

As of May 2011 I am now also inviting anyone who cannot attend in person (food bloggers etc) to participate virtually. You can pick a recipe as with everyone else and then prepare the recipe in your own time leading up to the cookbook club date. Then simply create a blog post or tweet or email me about the recipe you cooked and I will link it up on a wrap up post for that month’s club.

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  1. Mandy says:

    When is your next gathering? Sounds very interesting. I am not very active in updating my blog. More photos on my facebook. But I LOVE food!!! and experimenting with different ingredients and recipe. So I would love to join you guys!!

  2. Monkylicious says:

    Sorry I didn’t reply earlier, I am about to post information about the next one :) Check the site later today!

  3. Monkylicious says:

    Hi Mandy, details for the next cookbook club are up on http://www.thecookbookclub.net :)

  4. Alex says:

    I’m really interested in joining the cookbook club in Sydney! Is it still going ? If so can u give me some info on it please. Thanks

  5. Monkylicious says:

    Hi! Sadly the person who had one in Syd is moving back overseas. But feel free to start your own with your friends! :)

  6. Jo says:

    Hi there, love your idea of a Cookbook Club – I too have a wall of cookbooks that are very under-utilised (if that’s a word).

    A query though – how do you deal with the supply of beverages? Does everyone bring a bottle of wine or something that will go with the meal theme ie Asian beer?

    Am starting a club in Warrnambool and am excited about it.


  7. Monkylicious says:

    Hi Jo,

    People tend to bring their own drinks unless they want water, or whatever random beverages I happen to have in my house. :)
    Funnily enough most of the people who come to mine are happy with anything. I guess because it’s Sunday lunch they’re not quite ready for something like beer or wine. But on occasion I’ve opened up a red or for the Maggie Beer book I happened to have a bottle of her non-alcoholic sparkling wine. :)

    Good luck with the club! I’m so excited that other people like the idea.
    Which book are you starting with? Please let me know how it goes!

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