Cookbook Club #8 Apples for Jam – Wrap Up

Research Australia Cook for a Cure - Cookbook Club This was a special edition of cookbook club for Cook for a cure. I have chose to support research australia for leukaemia lymphoma and other blood cancers research. The book this month, by popular vote, is Apples for Jam by Tessa Kiros. And it’s one of my favourite cookbooks as well. Apples for JamThe recipes in her book are grouped by colour. It’s a really beautiful book which reads like a collection of her favourite recipes she’s collected over the years, because that’s what it is. They are what she describes as recipes for life and food you would feed your family and friends. What I love is that her recipes each come with a little story. Sometimes just with some advice and wisdom, others a blurb describing where the recipe came from, a sister-in-law, a mother, a grandmother. I hope you enjoy this month’s cookbook club. What we feasted on:

Fried risotto balls (red) – Really tasty and you can use any leftover risotto to make these.

Ripe tomato salad (red) – Delicious and simple salad, the key is having great quality and sweet tomatoes.

 Sauteed Potato with Eggs (yellow) – I have cooked this so many times, the potatoes are soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, and I especially love the bits with fried egg holding them together.

Cabbage salad with oranges and lemons (orange) – A very fresh salad

Angel hair pasta with zucchini, mint & feta (green) – Fantastic pasta dish with a little added touch of crispy fried pancetta.

Roast chicken & potatoes with thyme, lemon & garlic (gold) – The potatoes are so full of flavour from being baked with the chicken.

Baked pumpkin with butter & brown sugar (orange) – Perfect marriage of flavours, a hit with the guests.

Escalopes with ham & cheese (gold) – I used veal for these, they are filled with béchamel sauce, cheese and ham… how can you say no?

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