Cookbook Club #8 Cooks for a Cure – Apples for Jam

Research Australia Cook for a Cure - Cookbook Club

This is a special edition of cookbook club for Cook for a cure. So I’m asking everyone to please go to to make a donation if you are participating. (Donations also accepted even if you’re not participating, if you like, ;) but no pressure at all!) I have chosen to support research australia for leukaemia lymphoma and other blood cancers research.

The book this month, by popular vote, is Apples for Jam by Tessa Kiros.

Apples for Jam

The recipes in her book are grouped by colour. It’s a really beautiful book which reads like a collection of her favourite recipes she’s collected over the years, because that’s what it is. They are what she describes as recipes for life and food you would feed your family and friends. What I love is that her recipes each come with a little story. Sometimes just with some advice and wisdom, others a blurb describing where the recipe came from, a sister-in-law, a mother, a grandmother. I hope you enjoy this month’s cookbook club. I’ll be doing the wrap-up after August, so you have until then to send me a link to your blog post.

Recipe list:

Vermicelli soup with tomato & basil
Vermicelli soup with lemon & butter
Penne with tomato, eggplant & ricotta
Pasta with tuna, tomato & olives
Spaghetti with meatballs
Pasta with prosciutto, tomato & oregano
Pasta with tomato sauce
Tomato Lasagne
Meat Lasagne
Tomato risotto
Fried risotto balls
Rice & vegetable pilaf
Chicken casserole
Chicken escalopes with tomatoes & capers
Veal involtini
Hamburger patties
Sauteed tomatoes in olive oil & rosemary
Ripe tomato salad
Cannellini beans in tomato
Eggs in tomato
La pizza rossa
Berry & buttermilk cake
Chocolate & cranberry biscuits
Strawberry sorbet
A coloured fruit salad
Meringue with strawberries & chocolate
Rosehip semolina puddings

Cream of pumpkin soup
Sausage & potato goulash
Chicken drumsticks & wings with orange tomato glaze
Pumpkin pizza
Roast veal with oranges & lemons
Turkey beast with dried apricots & pancetta
Roast rack of pork with fennel & honey
Cabbage salad with oranges & lemons
Beef stew with carrots
Sage & rosemary mashed potatoes
Baked pumpkin with butter & brown sugar
Pumpkin fritters
Orange juice and olive oil cake with pine nuts
Greek yoghurt with condensed milk & oranges
Wholemeal apricot & apple pie
Mango sorbet

Risotto with fried egg
Spaghettini with egg & toasted parsley breadcrumbs
Barbecued fish skewers
Barbecued mixed grill with corn
Chicken sautéed with cheese & milk
Sauteed potatoes with egg
Fried custard squares
Lemon curd ice cream
Lemon meringue ice cream cake

Beetroot gnocchi
Baked ham & cheese bread pudding
Penne with prawns, cream & tomato
Prawn & spinach brown rice risotto
Pomegranate sorbet
Pear & berry crumble
Tiny cakes with pink icing

Broccoli soup
Green vegetable soup with egg & lemon
Pasta with calamari & peas
Spinach & ricotta canneloni
Meat canneloni
Mince & rice dumplings with dill, egg & lemon sauce
Angel hair pasta with zucchini, mint & feta
Chicken escalopes with parsley & capers
Lamb & green bean casserole
Sole bundles with spinach
Pea & potato mash
Green bean souffle loaf
Peppermint crisp pie

Cheese pies
Steak pie
Macaroni cheese
Fried calamari
Pan-fried sole with lemon garlic butter
Mince & potato croquettes
Scalopes with ham & cheese
Fried buttermilk marinated chicken
Chicken escalopes with lemon & butter
Sauteed chicken with bay leaves & juniper berries
Roast chicken & potatoes with thyme, lemon & garlic
Fish cakes
Very thin chips
Pan fried chips with rosemary & sage
Pear butter cake
Semolina puddings with caramel

Leek & potato soup
Semolina soup with butter & sage
Thin pizza with stracchino cheese
Ricotta gnocchi with tomato pesto
White risotto in spinach borth
Pasta with cheese
Baked fish parcels
Vanilla cake
Honey cake
Lemon rice pudding with roasted peaches

Chocolate loaf
Spaghetti with mince
Farro & borlotti bean soup
Lentil soup
Lentis & sausages
Brown rice risotto with butter & parmesan
Pot-roasted veal with sage & garlic
Barbecued fillet & bread spied ini
Brown bread & butter ice-cream
Chocolate pannacotta
Chocolate cake with icing
Chocolate bread pudding

Fish soup with poached fish to follow
Pasta in chicken broth
Bread dumplings in chicken broth
Chicken croquettes
Cottage pie
Fish pie
Pork schnitzels
Pan-fried breaded lamb cutlets
Fried fish fillets
Baked fish fillets
Potato & chickpea mash
Zucchini bread
Banana bread
Apple bread with sugar & cinnamon topping
Male syrup & vanilla ice cream

Tiny savoury tartlets
Meat & vegetable soup
Mixed vegetable risotto
Sausage & potato frittata
Meatloaf with roasted vegetables
Pavlovas with oranges & cherries

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