Cookbook Club # 7 – Maggie’s Kitchen

Sunday July 17th
The Cookbook: It’s been a little wintery, so what better way to warm up than with a spot of feasting from Maggie Beer’s recipe book Maggie’s Kitchen. Flipping through the book to write down all the recipes has already made me feel a little warmer (and really hungry).
Find out what this is all about here.
Comment below if you would like to participate in this month’s cookbook club so I can send recipes and make sure I link to your post when it’s all over.
Here are the recipes:
Maggie’s Kitchen – Maggie BeerMozzarella Sandwiches
Salad of Beetroot, Blood Orange and Pumpkin
Heritage Tomato Salad
Spaghetti with Crab
Cauliflower with Toasted Crumbs
Cavolo Nero
Orecchiette with Rapini, Broccolini, Cauliflower and Pecorino
Pumpkin, Walnut, Cheese and Verjuice Terrine
Globe Artichokes with Pastry and Preserved Lemon
Broccoli with Almonds and Lemon Butter
Perfect Omelette with Baked Mushrooms
Mozzarella with Creme Fraiche and Figs – My Take on Burrata
Oyster Shooters
Preserved Figs
Cucumber Gazpacho
Asparagus with Soft-boiled Eggs and Parmigiano Reggiano
Maggie’s Prawn Cocktail
Spring Salad
Potted Prawns
Carrots in Verjuice with Goat’s Cheese and Pine Nuts
Olive Tart
Haloumi and Citrus Lentils
Zucchini Flowers
Beetroot, Pear and Celery Heart Salad
Broad Beans with Pecorino
Braised Waxy Potatoes
Smoked Ocean Trout with Potato Pikelets
Warm Smoked Chook Salad with Mustard Apricots and Nicola Potatoes
Saffron Tomato Relish
Frozen Pea Soup
Eggplant Pickle
Eggplant, Roasted Tomato and ‘Rag’ Pasta with Buffalo Mozzarella
Baked Savoury Cheesecake
Oat, Buttermilk and Honey Pancakes
Warm Salad of Guinea Fowl with Orange, Livers and Walnuts
Verjuice and Avocado Jellies
Grilled Octopus in Herb Paste with Rouille
Grilled Squid au Naturel
Southern Herrings in Vine Leaves
Asparagus and Leek Tart
Chook Legs with Vino Cotto or Balsamic
Mussels in Tomato Sugo
Char-grilled Lamb
Spatchcock in a Fig ‘Bath’
Camel Scotch Fillet Marinated in Lilly Pilly
Soft Polenta with Sauteed Mushrooms
Moroccan Ocean Trout
Chicken, Grape and Champagne Pies
Roast Barossa Chook with Preserved Lemon and Tarragon Butter
Skate with Olives and Preserved Lemon
Kingfish with Roasted Tomatoes, Capers and Olives
My Spag Bog
Barbecued Quail
Crisp-skin Salmon with Pea Salsa
Radicchio Risotto
Lamb Moussaka
Honey and Lemon Chicken Drummettes
Herb-crusted Flathead
Beef in the Italian Style
Slow-cooked Beef Fillet with Crushed Black Pepper and Balsamic
Warm Squid, Leek and Caper Salad
Pork Belly in Shiraz
Chicken Braised with Figs, Honey and Vinegar
Pot-roasted Rabbit with Prunes and Mustard
Potato Gnocchi with Prawns
Veal Cutlets with Garlic
Glazed Leg of Ham
Porterhouse of Suffolk Lamb with Caramelised Radicchio
Confit of Rabbit with Pancetta, Pine Nuts and Raisins
Pot-roasted Pheasant with Apples and Calvados
Beef Tagine with Dried Fruit
Spicy Pork and Apple Pasties
Steak Sandwiches with Skirt Steak
Steak and Oyster Pies
Kangaroo Fillet with Beetroot and Anchovy Butter
Pan-roasted Saltwater Barramundi with Caramelised Lemon and Rocket
Salmon Baked with a Stuffing of Pine Nuts, Currants and Preservedf Lemon Wrapped in Vine Leaves
Barley Risotto with Asparagus and Fresh Goat’s Curd
Boston Baked Beans – Taken
Stuffed Oven-baked Squid
Pot-roasted Lamb Shoulder with Green Olives, Almonds and Apricots
Meatloaf with Tomato Sugo
Whole Roasted Red Onions with Buffalo Mozzarella and ‘Pulled’ Bread
Macaroni Cheese
Quince-glazed Quail
Beef Pie Mix
Tuna Confit with Vine Leaves
Turkey with Apple and Prune Stuffing and Glazed Chestnuts
Slow-cooked Berkshire Pork Shoulder in Milk
Chocolate Ganache Tart with Blood Orange
Meyer Lemon Curd and Raspberry Jelly Trifle
Baked Vanilla Custard with Coffee Jelly
Chocolate, Almond and Prune Slab
Ricotta, Honey and Pears
Meyer Lemon Posset
Baked Apples
Cheddar, Quince and Walnut Mille-feuille
Rhubarb Crumble
Chocolate and Hazelnut Roulade
Passionfruit Parfait
Coeur a la Creme
Chocolate and Dried Pear ‘Brownie’
Sicilian Rice Pudding
Chestnut Puree Dessert
My Version of Pashka – an Easter Dessert
Fruit Slice
Sultana Cake
Almond Affogato
Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta
Golden Syrup Dumplings
Peanut Butter Pie
Brown Sugar and Vino Cotto Parfait
Pikelets with Figs, Honey and Mint
Chocolate Vino Cotto Pavlova
Mango Salad with Mint, Labna, Pink Peppercorns and Ginger Wine
Sticky Bananas and French Toast
Lime and Coffee Meringues
Roasted Quince with Cinnamon and Orange
Candied Ruby Grapefruit
Chocolate Cake with Whisky-soaked Raisins and Orange Zest
Apple and Olive Oil Pudding

8 Responses to “Cookbook Club # 7 – Maggie’s Kitchen”

  1. Yay! I’ve got this one at home. I’ve been wanting to make the mac and cheese and the haloumi and citrus lentils so count me in for those.

  2. Lisa says:

    I’d love to participate in this month’s cookbook club. I’ve already got the Maggie Beer book… Was thinking of making the Slow cooked beef fillet with crushed black pepper with a side of cauliflower with toasted crumbs.

    Is it ok if I do a dessert too? I thought I’d do the chocolate and hazelnut roulade. Yum!

  3. Nic says:

    I’m in, but I’m struggling to choose what to cook! When are you sending out recipes?! I might need some recommendations…

  4. Monkylicious says:

    will be sending out recipes in the next couple of days :) so you still have time to decide. anything in particular that you fancy? eg. lamb or chicken or something? maybe i can suggest a few based on your preference. :)

  5. Nic says:

    OK, I think I’ll go for the Slow-cooked Berkshire Pork Shoulder in Milk, with the Cavolo Nero, and maybe the chocolate and pear brownie.

  6. Monkylicious says:

    woohoo :) sounds delicious. will send your recipes later today :D

  7. Chrissy Guzzi says:

    Am I too late to sign up as a virtual participant? I have the book already and would be cooking the lamb moussaka

  8. Monkylicious says:

    Hi! It’s not too late. I haven’t done the wrap up post yet. :) so just send me a link to ur blog post after u put it up and I’ll include it. :D

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