Cookbook Club #6 Two Asian Kitchens – Wrap up

We have been a bit quiet lately, but in true cookbook club style, there was more than enough food, and our eyes were much bigger than our tummies.

It was a very small club meet but this meant we could eat more of each dish, so no complaints from anyone.

I was a little disappointed in myself for not making some time the day before to prepare some other dishes. I had intended to also make sugar cane ice-cream or rambutan lemongrass sorbet for dessert and also try making zaru tofu. I will definitely be making these another time and I think we were all glad we didn’t have to make room for even more food.

My dish: Laksa Fried Chicken. Really tasty. I used moist flakes of coconut instead of normal dessicated coconut and only used chicken wing pieces instead of a whole chicken cut up. I’m noticing I always pick the deep fried chicken recipe if there is one… delicious habit.

Gemma arrived with Hainanese Chicken Rice. One of my favourite dishes that I pig out on if mum cooks it. Today was no exception, 3 scoops of rice later I was happy and stuffed.

Porsha prepared the Siew Yuk with chilli and coriander relish (pork belly), which I was so temped to run away with when I first saw it. Lovely salty crackling.. yum!

Froggy made our serves of vegetables for the day – Bashed Cucumbers, Raw corn and carrot salad. I loved both vegetable side dishes (it really helped with all the meat that was there).

And for the first time I invited fellow food bloggers to participate in cookbook club virtually. And thanks to Adam Liaw retweeting the invite we had a number of participants which is really exciting.

The Sweet Spot – Swee San: Sataa Andagi (Okinawan Fried Donut), Goya Chanpuru

Nic Cooks – Duck Larb, Beef rendang, Lemon Chicken, Pork Belly

Claire K Creates – Kayaku Gohan

& Taco Rice

Erin – She Cooks She Gardens – Hainanese Chicken Rice

Cakelaw – Fish curry


3 Responses to “Cookbook Club #6 Two Asian Kitchens – Wrap up”

  1. They all look delicious. I loved making mine. Can’t wait for the next cookbook club cook up!

  2. Melissa Loh says:

    Oh yum! All that food looks absolutely amazing!

  3. Cakelaw says:

    This is a terrific book – after seeing these posts, I am inspired to make soem more recipes from it soon.

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