Cookbook Club Brisbane – #5 Eggs

Cookbooks: Eggs – Michel Roux

It’s always tough to choose a book for cookbook club, but then this book crossed my path and everything in it looked SO DELICIOUS! Michel Roux’s Eggs is filled with everything from a boiled egg to souffles and also pistachio creme brulee! There’s always been a battle between bacon and potato for the title of most awesome food but it looks like eggs are giving them a run for their money.

Check out our eggy feast!

There’s always so much food at cookbook club.

The makings of a potato rosti… no eggs yet.. but just wait and see.

Baked eggs with smoked ham and toasted hazelnuts.

Quiche Lorraine

Crepes with Chicken and Mushroom.

And now, here’s what I did with the rosti. Topped it with baby spinach, balsamic vinegar and deep fried eggs.

Seafood fritters.

And lastly, scrambled eggs in small potatoes with fish roe.

And so another Cookbook Club was over, with lots of leftovers for people to take home and we discovered so many delicious things to make with eggs.

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